Thursday, September 25, 2008

We Walk by Faith … not by sight, even in spending money

Our car mileage was nearing 90,000 miles. Repairs were more expensive as the car became older.

We were advised to sell it before it hit 100,000 miles to get a better price. We also needed to obtain a newer car, especially for long ministry trips and large enough for Dad Jespersen, age 95, to get in and out.

We a saw a 2007 Chevrolet with only 31,000 miles on sale for only $14,500. It was a good price, but I offered much less and the Christian dealer said yes!

We only had $600 in our car fund, but we were able to come up with the balance and also sell our older car to a family who needed it.

However, later, I really had doubts (as I always do) in spending so much money. Questions such as: “Should I spend so much money at this time?” “Perhaps our older car would have lasted a few more years?” “The car looks so new (even if it is two years old), what will people say?” “Perhaps we should have waited.” Even though friends recently bought a smaller car for double what we paid, we still have doubts.

Doubts, however, are just feelings. For example, Margaret and I both have feelings of low self-worth, but so what? Feelings are feelings, and if we only made decisions and lived our lives for Christ by feelings, we would be most miserable. As followers of Christ we are able to live by faith. Our funds (and our lives) are God’s and we can trust Him with all of it. The car belongs to God, and if it falls apart next week, well, so be it!

If we only live to satisfy ourselves and think our funds are ours instead of God’s, we have a problem. But if we move forward in obedience to God, we can trust Him, doubtful feelings or not.

Our prayer should be Jehoshaphat’s prayer in Chronicles, O our God…we are powerless ... We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on You (2 Chronicles 20:12, esv).

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JW said...

Thank you Doug... (I read every post, so keep it up.) I often find myself working through similar issues as to how I spend my money. Ever since I visited Cambodia for the first time...