Thursday, September 11, 2008

$7 for a Glass of Wine

Recently, my wife and I were on a Washington State Ferry, and as I was getting a bag of popcorn, two ladies in front of me were buying a glass of wine. I was shocked to hear the price, and asked, “What was the cost of the small plastic cup of wine you bought?” They answered, “$7”. I replied, “$7!”

Later I thought, “Wow! I am sure glad I do not drink anymore. Look at all the money I save!”

I guess people can drink if they want to and spend their money how they want; it is all relative isn’t it?

But, what does $7 pay for? I can buy Dad Jespersen his favorite Thai or Chinese dinner for only $7 or a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Margaret.

As far as ministry is concerned, ACTION will have a camp in Malawi, Africa, for 1000 children in October. The camp is two days and the cost is only $3 per child! This small amount includes meals, materials, facilities, the gospel and compassionate care – all for only $3 or two children for less than $7!

So, I guess if some people want to sip a little wine, fine, but wouldn’t it be great to send two orphans to camp for two days instead, especially if they might hear the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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DKDearth said...

Hi Doug and Margi!

This is Kristin Dearth sending fall greetings from Minneapolis. I was just on Randy Alcorn's blog when I saw a link to your blog, and, as I speak, Derek is adding you to our RSS feed. :) What a great way to continue to hear from you.

How are things going for you over there? Are you traveling much? Have you been to Africa lately? Derek and I hope to visit next summer after I finish nursing school (Lord willing!). Of course, we do still plan to return long-term, but only after Derek finishes his degree at Moody.

I saw Lotis and Renaldo (?) yesterday at a church event. Did you know that Renaldo had a heart attack a week ago? He's doing better, but is still not back in full force.

I hope this finds you well!

Lots of love and thankfulness for you,