Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are You Into Fads ($12 for a Gallon of Water)?

It was reported on the news that a special study in Copenhagen found that there are no more vitamins or minerals in organic food, they are no more healthy than foods that are grown with insecticides and they cost at least 30% more!

It was also reported in Seattle, Washington, that the water straight from the faucet is better and more pure than bottled water. Yet, you still see people lined up to buy bottled water, which is nearly $12 a gallon (and we’re concerned about $4 for a gallon of gas?).

We also have fads in the church and in Christian missions, don’t we? A new method for evangelism; the key way to reach Hindus or Muslims; six laws for spiritual success; three ways of guaranteeing church growth, dress sloppy to reach the youth, louder music, and other faddish secrets.

These fads seem to run their course in several months or a couple of years, and then there is something else new.

The problem with these fads in the church is that people almost sell their body and soul to new fads; a certain method, book and style, to the point that relationships are broken, there are splits in churches and organizations and many of God’s people become discouraged.

Instead of following a fad, a new teaching, or a method or style, let’s follow Christ and the teachings that He has left for us in His Word regarding our relationship with Him and obedience to His commands for life and ministry.

Jesus said, If you love me, keep my commands (John 14:15). The Apostle John in his epistle said, …His commandments are not burdensome (1 John 5:3b).

So dear friend, let’s trust, obey and live!

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