Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Border Guards Opened the Wrong Bags!

Years ago, Margaret and I were asked to lead a team of three couples into China through a certain border crossing to test its accessibility for smuggling Bibles.

As we approached the crossing, I became very uneasy as to how we had packed the Bibles in our luggage. On the boat, therefore, we totally repacked our bags in secrecy.

The well-trained border guards asked us to open the bags in which we had previously packed the Bibles. Finding no Bibles (I guess the border guards could easily identify Christians), they became very angry. “Do you have Bibles?” they asked angrily.

“Oh, yes,” and we showed them our personal Bibles.

“No, do you have others?” We pulled out our little New Testaments.

Finally in frustration they let us go never checking the luggage with the Bibles.

Some Bible smugglers were caught and Bibles were taken away, but God closed the eyes of the border guards at other times to allow His Word to get into the hands of God’s people in China hungry for God’s word!

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sibypaul said...

Hi Kuya,

Inspiring story indeed. We serve an awesome God!

Siby and Blessy