Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Christian Men, Are You Prepared to Help Protect Others? (Do You Have a Club in Your Car)?

Late in 2016, we were watching the news of the riots in Portland, Oregon. We saw thugs with baseball bats begin to smash the window of a van with a family and little children inside. No one came to their aid!

If you are in such a situation where other lives are in danger, have you purposed in your mind and heart to rise to the occasion to help protect others?

The positive aspect of our Father's command, "Not to murder" means to protect life. As Christians, this also means to do so even at the risk of our own safety!

Let's never look for trouble, but if the Lord puts us in a dangerous situation, it is for a purpose to help the weak for Christ's sake.

(By the way, I went to a second-hand store and purchased a small baseball bat about 20 inches long. It is now under my car seat, ready to use. May I never have to!)