Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do You Have a Good Used Laptop to Sell (or Donate)?

Our partners in the Philippines, Christian Growth Ministries (CGM) and Grow International Ministries (and many needy pastors), could really use laptop computers for their ministries of administration and especially of the gospel and compassion to the poor!

Perhaps you have a good used laptop you would SELL at a reasonable price or DONATE to the ministry. You can contact me at my email: nichols.doug@gmail.com for info of price, etc.

These can be sent through the post office to: Doug Nichols, 200 Mt Park Blvd SW, A-103, Issaquah! Wa 98027-3647.

The Laptops will be repacked and hand carried or shipped to the Philippines will be a great help to the ministries of CGM and GROW the glory of God. Please pray with us about this need. Thank you!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

​Even So, Come Lord Jesus

Christmas 1963, my first year of Bible School, was one of the best ever. A few other students and I were not able to go home for the break, so we remained at school that very cold winter. On Christmas Day, my good friend Bill Sloan and I were enjoying early morning coffee and began to discuss "The Second Coming,” something I as a new believer knew nothing about. Bill began to teach me all he knew and we went through passage after passage becoming more and more excited as the day sped by. We paused to eat a special Christmas dinner in the dining hall and then went back to our room to study some more. My oh my, what a wonderful, exciting day in the Word of God learning what it says about the second coming of our Lord. Perhaps it has been a while since we spent a whole day in the Word with friends. Let’s not wait for Christmas to do it! "All Scripture is profitable..." (2 Tim 3:16), so let's spend much time in it.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Asking: "Why Doesn't Anyone Sing in Church Anymore?"

It is very noticeable that many, especially the young, do not sing in many churches much anymore. But how could they? The songs are not sing-able. No one knows them except the performance team up front. Suggestion for worship: have a committee of godly young and old approve each song sung. For example each song must be biblical, doctrinally correct, sing-able, not for entertainment but for worship! Quit making music a divisive matter in the church; cut most of it out and spend more time in the Word.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Stop Dressing So Tacky for Church

by John Blake
Shouldn’t people have that same reverential attitude when they show up at church to meet God, some ask? After all, doesn’t your dress reveal the importance you attach to an occasion? That sentiment, however, is seen as hopelessly old school in many popular megachurches across America. Casual Fridays has morphed into casual Sundays. And many of the popular megachurch pastors are middle-aged men who bound onto the stage each Sunday dressed in skinny jeans, untucked Banana Republic shirts, and backed by in-house Christian rock bands.Read more ...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Just Asking: "If you consider yourself a thankful person, do you give and say thanks?"

How many times do you give up a seat, open the door for someone, serve others, give a gift and no thanks is given. A large gift was given us to share so we divided it with 20 missionaries. It was a joy to do so; however, it was surprising to receive a thank you note from only two recipients!  Even though as missionaries and Christian workers people give to the Lord by supporting us, but as God's servants we of all people should "be thankful in all things." I suggest we say thank you verbally, as well as with a written note!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just Asking: "Why is it So Difficult for Mature Christians to Admit Wrong?"

It seems as if the older we get it becomes even more difficult to live like Jesus, who said, " If you love Me keep my commandments." The commands such as confessing sins, admitting wrong and asking forgiveness. A friend of ours had a vibrant ministry stripped from him through slander. Christians all took sides then it was discovered no proof at all. However instead of apologizing and asking forgiveness the assisting party just continued to pile on saying, "I know in my heart." Well the heart is desperately wicked and sin needs to be confessed and forgiveness sought for personal sake as well as for the glory of Christ! Our goal as we get older is to grow in Christ to be more like Him.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sharing the Gospel in a Russian Kitchen

by Ed Landry

My friend Ed Landry and I have served together in ministry for over 30 years. At one time our mission loaned him to help teach needy pastors worldwide with The Bible League. He traveled and taught throughout Asia, Africa and Russia. Here is the narrative of one of his teaching trips to Russia.