Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can't do anything!

Forty-three years ago when I had completed a summer of internship ministry and was returning to Bible school, my summer director said, “So Doug, you want to be a missionary?” I answered, “Yes sir”. He then said, “You should forget it because I do not know of anything that you are good at.”

He was right! In my last year of school, I applied to thirty different missions, and because of my violent background with alcohol and my low intellectual capabilities, I was turned down.

Finally, one organization, Operation Mobilization, accepted me because in those days they accepted anybody.

I was sent to India and for two years was trained in ministry by Indians. My main training in practical ministry was by Asians.

So friend, do you feel inadequate? Well, join the crowd – most of us are; trust God and look for people to work with you and move forward in faith trusting God to use you for His glory!

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