Thursday, February 11, 2016

Needy Pastors Worldwide Network

The purpose of the Needy Pastors Worldwide Network (NPWN) is to assist and encourage evangelical ministries to needy pastors worldwide as follows:

1. Keep updated statistics regarding the ministry to needy pastors worldwide such as the estimated 3.2 million untrained pastors worldwide, 40,000 in the Philippines, and so forth.

2. Strive to keep an updated list of the major ministries to needy pastors in each country.

3. Encourage evangelical organizations to network, assist and encourage one another.

4. Assist ministries to needy pastors worldwide with information to assist them in their ministries such as study Bibles, books, studies, research, announcements of conferences & seminars and anything that will assist them in their various ministries to pastors to the glory of God.

5. Share the need of each ministry and its need for personnel (missionaries and staff) and to help recruit and share this personnel need to evangelical churches, Bible schools & colleges and other agencies worldwide.

6. This is a “network” ministry only. Not a ministry that would start its own work “to” needy pastors.

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