Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Are You Telling the Truth (Mrs. Anonymous)?

Recently I was in a Manila hospital for four days with pneumonia (I have never coughed so much in my life; even pulled the muscles in my left chest/shoulder!). Each day Filipino Christian friends and pastors visited, with most leaving cash gifts to help pay the expensive hospital bills. One man left nearly $500, he said because we had befriended and helped his family in the early 80's. As each person visited the cash pile kept going up and down, as some visitors themselves had needs which we were able to help with.

On the last day Margaret, my wife, took the cash and was able to pay the exact total bill.

Just before checking out I received a phone call from a lady we did not know. "Pastor Nichols, I'm here at the hospital finance/check out desk to pay your bill and they say it is completely paid for, how can that be as we know you do not have the funds?" I assured her the bill had been covered by friends. She said, "Are you sure? Then you must have needed to borrow the money. How much did you borrow as my husband and I want to pay!" We assured her the bill was paid and we had not needed to borrow anything. She then said, "Pastor, are you sure? Are you telling the truth?" I answered yes, I'm telling the truth. Margaret is here and she can tell you also. I then asked her who she was, and she simply answered, "I'm Mrs Anonymous."

When people bless you and are so generous, how does it make you feel? Humbled? Overwhelmed with God's goodness? Yes, but it also makes you want to bless and help others (Psalm 67). 

Perhaps someone may say to you soon, "Who are you?" after you have helped them and you can answer, "The Lord has blessed me so I want to bless you. My name is simply, 'Anonymous'."

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