Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do We Have to be Grumpy When We Get Old?

Recently in the lobby of a church, we met a couple in their eighties whom we have known for many years. Wow, were they even more grumpy than ever!

Why do some of us seem to get more and more rude, grumpy, and sour as the years go by, as sour as lemons.

It would seem that being in churches where the Word of God is preached for years, we would become more and more like our Lord Jesus: compassionate, kind, gentle, forgiving, understanding and considerate. (Colossians 3:12-18).

A few days ago a wonderful, close friend died at age 84. At his memorial many referred to him as one of the kindest and most Christlike men they had ever known. He was even referred to as sweet!

Being grumpy and sour is basically selfishness, thinking of ourselves rather than seeking to bless and encourage others.

So, if you, as my mother use to say, are a "grumpy gut," why not confess your sin to our wonderful Savior, ask for forgiveness and with His strength, trust Him to enable you to be a sweet Christian rather than a sour one.

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