Monday, February 1, 2016

John Sung, Flame for God in the Far East (CIM Publishing) by Leslie Lyall

[reviewed by Doug Nichols].

One of the most interesting, fascinating, challenging, and spiritually convicting biographies is the book published in 1954 on the life of Chinese evangelist Dr. John Sung, 1901-1944. 

I would encourage you to purchase a copy anyway you can and read it for your own encouragement and then pass it around to many in your church to read.

Let me share with you the last paragraphs of the book (page 192-193):

"The hour had struck for the church of China. And God sought a man whom He could use. He found (among others) John Sung.

"But what went you out to see? First and foremost, a man utterly abandoned to God. Gifts, attainments, honors, prospects, wealth - all counted loss and consumed in one irrevocable sacrifice. His was an unqualified consecration of his all to God. Nothing was kept back. The sacrifice, moreover, was bound with cords to the altar for the full duration of his life. There was never a moment of regret. No lowering of standards. No compromise of self. Just a daily denial of self. His was no easy ministry. But he had a spirit-given ability to give himself wholeheartedly to it. He was wedded to the Cross. He gloried in the Cross. Not for him a comfortable, tailor-made career - a post suited to his training and attainments. He recklessly forsook all to follow His Lord. With all his superficial faults and idiosyncrasies, he was a man after God's own heart."

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