Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why Do Ministries/Missions Stop Growing?

Have you ever wondered why ministries and missions stop growing and then only seem to exist when there is so many millions to be reached with the gospel and compassionate care? Missions like Operation Mobilization (OM) keep growing (over 6000 missionaries) while others seem to get stuck?

Why no growth? Is it lack of vision, managers instead of leaders, loss of passion for evangelism and discipleship, no zeal for recruitment, long term team members who have just settled for comfort and a team and leaders who have lost their "passion for expansion?"

With over three billion without the gospel, why no growth in our mission and ministry outreach? With millions of poor, prisoners, prostitutes, trafficked women and children, street children (100 million), orphans (143  million), poverty stricken widows, tribes, students and slaves (27 million) without the gospel and compassion why are we not aggressively "recruiting for the Great Commission." 

We need to continue to grow, not for growth sake, but to have many more team members to do the task the Lord has given us.

If you are in a mission which seems to have stalled out, trust God to revive or raise up a new team of leaders who will lead your ministry/mission to trust God for many additional team members and move forward to reach the masses of the world to the glory of God!

-- Doug Nichols

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