Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Manila Christian School for the Poor

Our son Robby and Deanna, missionaries with Grow International Ministries, spoke recently at the prayer fellowship of Living Hope Bible Church in Issaquah, Washington. Robby and Deanna were asked to share about their future ministry of the gospel and compassion in the Philippines among the extreme poor. After six years of teaching at Faith Academy for missionary children, the Lord has led them to start a Christian school in 2014 among the thousands of poor needy children. A Philippine Christian Foundation will provide tuition for the 60 children (three classrooms, 20 in kindergarden and 40 in preschool) the first year and a building (also used by a church) is made available for only $75 monthly. The church will help with the selection of the students beginning with preschool and kindergarten. 

Grow is trusting the Lord for an estimated $9000-$12,000 for building repairs and preparation, and set up for the first year such as school equipment (desks, tables, dividers, white boards, etc) and supplies (curriculum, pencils, notebooks, etc.). Please pray for Robby and Deanna in this new venture to the glory of God! You can contact them regarding finances or helping in the Philippines for two weeks to two years, nicholsfamily.grow@gmail.com.

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