Friday, May 8, 2015

Wow, What a Smell!

After I spoke in a Filipino church in California, we all gathered for a big meal together. I noticed a very dirty homeless man eating alone so I joined him for a great time of discussion, but oh did he smell!

I learned that this homeless man came to church every week, and they took good care of him with food and compassion. I asked why he came to this particular church and he answered with a big smile, "They are so kind to me."

Even though he was suffering mentally, he was able to clearly explain the gospel which had been shared with him many times by Filipinos.

I asked about his work and he took me outside to his cart filled with recyclables, especially bottles of all sizes. He carefully explained what each was worth. He said he needed to earn at least $7 daily, but had recently felt that at his age of 50, he needed to take at least one day off per week for rest as the Bible taught. The first day he did this he found $20.

He also shared how the Lord had taken care of him in many ways, such as a place to shower and wash his clothes three times a week; a covered area to sleep in near a building’s fire escape; protection by night guards of the building’s parking lot; ice and water from Burger King in the summertime; and of course the love and concern of the Filipino church.

Suddenly it seemed as if his bad smell was replaced by the fragrance of Christ through the ministry of these dear believers to the homeless in Los Angeles. May God be praised!

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Jik said...

Wow, what a wonderful sharing. Made me teary-eyed :)