Friday, May 1, 2015

The Rescue of Mahi (Little Tribal Lady in the Philippines)

Mahi was a young tribal mother in the Philippines who had just delivered her baby, but something had gone wrong. She was burning with fever. The tribal ladies had done everything they knew to do.

Mahi's husband was desperate for help. “What can we do?” he asked.

"She needs to go to the hospital in the city," one of the older ladies told him.

"Then let's go!" he almost shouted. They had to remind him it was 51 miles away. Because of the heavy rain, the roads now were thick, deep pools of mud. There was no way to get Mahi out by plane or by motor bike.

"We can pray," one lady said softly. Hope returned to Mahi's husband. He had forgotten that God was in their village now! Yes! They could pray!

Word spread throughout the village, "Pray for Mahi. She needs to get to the hospital!"

But by morning, Mahi was still far from the hospital and even closer to death's door.

Mahi’s husband heard voices outside the hut and went to the door. In the pouring rain, believing men from three different villages were gathering outside his hut.

"We'll help carry your wife," they volunteered. They held up a homemade stretcher.

The shocked husband was speechless. The weather would make the journey difficult. But this tribe also avoided rain and even bathing because they thought it was bad for their health.

Three teams of four men each would take turns carrying Mahi 27 miles over muddy, slippery, dangerous trails to a village with a vehicle.

Ten grueling hours later when they arrived at the intended village, there were no longer 12 men. There were many more!

Believing men in villages along the way had rushed to take over from the group of drenched, exhausted stretcher-bearers.

Mahi was put into a vehicle and rushed to the hospital nearly 25 miles away, and she survived.
But it's the unbelievers along the trail who were left shaking their heads. "What made all these men care so much -- and for a woman even?" they wondered.

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