Tuesday, May 5, 2015

God’s Inerrant Word Or Scientific Theory? – D.M. Lloyd-Jones from Eric T. Young

If you are interested in my personal opinion, I shall put it like this: quite apart from my believing the Bible to be the inspired and authoritative word of God, on scientific grounds alone I have never been able to accept the theory of evolution. The difficulties I am left with, if I accept the theory of evolution, are altogether greater than the few residual difficulties I am left with when I accept the biblical record. But lest you may think that this is simply my own opinion, let me read you one or two statements from some authorities in these matters for you to see how I substantiate my statement. There was a biologist called Delage, who believed in evolution, and this is what he said: ‘One is or is not a conformist (that is to say, a believer in evolution) not so much from motives deduced from natural history as from motives based on personal philosophic opinion.’ Here is a man who believes in evolution and he says what really determines a man’s view is not so much his scientific knowledge as his scientific opinion. He goes on to say; ‘If one takes his stand upon the exclusive ground of fact, it must be acknowledged that the formation of one species from another species has not been demonstrated at all.’ And that was a man who believed in evolution and was a great biologist. Read more ...

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Unknown said...

Are you interested in finding the truth, or are you only interested in finding things that support your belief? If you only want to support your belief, then ignore anything I have to say after this point.

But if you're interesting in finding out the truth, then continue.

The truth is, one of the experts you've quoted, isn't correct. We have, in fact, demonstrable evidence of species to species formations. There are multiple examples you can research and study yourself, one thing you can look up right now if you like: Ring Species. They really do turn from one species into another that can't breed together. We can observe this. Check them out for yourself.

One thing that people who don't understand evolution don't realize, is that evolution isn't one species birthing another species. Like a gator giving birth to a duck. It's not like that any more than a woman gives birth to an adult, or an infant goes to sleep and wakes up as an adult.

You don't see a child literally growing before your eyes, but over time, slowly. You see a child grow into a teenager and then an adult over time. That's how evolution works. Slow progressive growth, not skipping from one stage to another.

I used to think like you seem to. I used to comfort myself with like minded people, like minded articles, like minded videos and audios and socially too. I avoided controversial things, or things that opposed what I felt and thought, or things that made me uncomfortable, but then I figured something out.

That doing so meant I wasn't expanding my perspectives at all. I wasn't growing and learning as a human being. I wasn't thriving that way. So I changed it up. It isn't easy, but it's WORTH it. I force myself to take in at least a few times a month, if not more, things and people who think, feel, react, see the world differently and even in opposition to me.

It has enhanced me and my life to such an amazing degree that I highly encourage everyone to do the same. It adds to your perspective, to your knowledge, to your understanding of people and the world around you in ways you can't even imagine.

I dare you to do the same. I dare you to google 'pro' evolution. I bet you never have. How can you strengthen your own position when you don't understand your challenger's? I challenge you to watch a video by an atheist using an open, objective mind. I dare you to get inside their heads. To learn why they think and feel the way they do. Not just the way you think they probably feel, but actually learn the way they really feel.

There are reasons why people are so passionate about their beliefs. I've learned many reasons. There are reasons why people are so passionate against those beliefs. I've learned many of those reasons as well. Have you? Apart from what those against them say? Give it a try.

Hey, you might even find yourself changing your own perspectives, views of life, the world, other people, and yourself. Even if you don't change your perspectives, once you truly get a grasp on what the other side thinks, feels, wants, and understands, not just what you think they think, etc, you'll have empowered yourself with tools to uphold your own perspectives with confidence.

I'm bothering with all of this because I care about people and want them to thrive, just as I want myself to thrive.

Go do some research on your own. Evolution. Belief. Life. Check out this video when your emotional defensiveness about this issue is calm and you are able to view it objectively. It might eventually give you something different to think about. Or not.