Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Mormons Have Sabotaged Christmas

The Mormons have pulled out all the stops in producing two of the most beautiful and moving Christmas videos ever. One called, "The World's Largest Nativity" and the other simply, "The Nativity." Both are Christian in nature but both end with an advertisement of The Church of Latter Day Saints.. The Mormons are seeking to portray themselves as Christians, when their doctrine (teaching) is far from anything of the true Christian faith of salvation through Christ alone which is by grace through faith alone. Mormonism is a false teaching not believing in the Lord God of the Bible, nor do they believe in Christ as the one and only way of salvation. They believe that one can only go to heaven by following the false teaching of Joseph Smith and the doctrine of the covenants, a system of works salvation. Mormons need the gospel of the Lord Jesus alone for salvation!

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