Thursday, December 4, 2014

Do You Have Any Spoons You Need To Return?

A few years ago, when my father-in-law, Walter Jespersen, could still drive, we took several people out for Sunday dinner at a restaurant called The Country Buffet about eight miles from our home.

When Dad was going through the line, he put his knife, fork, spoon and napkin in the upper pocket of his suit coat while he served the food onto his plate.

Later that day, he noticed the spoon from the restaurant in his coat pocket and was very bothered by this. He had used the other utensils but had forgotten about the spoon.

I told him that we would return the spoon later in the week when we passed by the restaurant, or we could mail it to them. However, the next day, Dad was still very bothered that he had taken the spoon. He decided to drive (even though driving had become very difficult) to the restaurant to return the spoon and apologize.

Dad was always the same.  He continued to grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ. Being a godly man, he was not overly sensitive, but was sensitive to truth, error and what it takes to live a godly life in an uncaring, wicked world. He is the kind of man we should all emulate!

So, I have asked myself a question quite often, “Do I have any spoons to return?” In other words, is there anything I need to take care of today? Do I need to apologize, return a favor, minister to others, show graciousness, display goodness, or share the gospel? What do I need to take care of today so that I will be more like Jesus?

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