Friday, December 19, 2014

Keep In Touch!

One morning 5 am this week, I had coffee and Philippine pandesal (the best breakfast bread in the world) with a tribal missionary of over 25 years. He is presently finishing a commentary in the tribal language and teaches in churches throughout the mountains five hours northeast of Manila. He walks barefoot village to village with the Word of God.

I asked if it was hard work. He answered yes, but it was vital to keep in touch with each little church, to disciple them and encourage them. He then said sadly, that he wished his home church, which had supported him and his family for 25 years, but had only personally contacted him by letter, phone or email only three times in all these years; ONLY THREE TIMES IN 25 YEARS!

How are you in your personal contacts? Family, friends, organizations, etc, that you in some way should be in touch with; with a word of encouragement and concern or friendship in Christ's name?

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