Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shepherd's (not CEO) Conference

Very much enjoyed first day yesterday of Shepherd's Conference here in Sun Valley, California, however no sun and cold! Great to fellowship with many of the 3500 pastors worldwide. Convicting message by Phil Johnson, on chief responsibilities of a pastor, to shepherd the people of God, Acts 20. Not to change the word shepherd to CEO. The elders of the metropolitan city of Ephesus were no more familiar with sheep than some of us today, but it is the Word which best describes the biblical pastor/shepherd; to lead, feed, and protect! Not as CEO of the church, but as a shepherd.

It is best to get our instructions from the Word of God for the church, not from managerial experts.

Today Margaret will help me and 50 others pack 3500 canvas bags of 10-15 books each. A team starts at 5 am, but we will only work from about 7-8:30 am as it will be heavy work and both my knees are troubling me; getting old!

Meeting many Filipino pastors and leaders. Will speak at Filipino church here on Sunday.

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