Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Are Many of God’s People Thankful or Grumpy?

Recently Margaret and I had to take her 100-year-old father to the hospital Emergency Room for several hours on two separate days.  Even though Dad’s mind is not clear, it was amazing to see how thankful he was for the care he received form nurse’s aides, nurses, doctors, and others.

Even when he was in pain, discomfort, and being man-handled, he constantly gave appreciation.  “Oh, thank you for this warm blanket.” “Thank you for taking care of me.” “Thank you for this nice room.” “What is your name?” “Are you encouraged?” “The best is yet to come.” “Oh, thank you.  You are a great person.”

Margaret, as she thanked one of the doctor, in tears said, “Doctor, we were praying on the way to the hospital early this morning that God would give Dad a kind, caring doctor, and He sent you.  Thank you very much for your wonderful care.”  

The doctor was very visibly moved as someone thanked him for his expected services.  This is a wonderful testimony of the power of kind words, especially of thanks.

This week we had three guests for fellowship and dinner.  During this time, we discussed “thankfulness.”  One of our guests said he worked with a person that he had taken to lunch and paid expenses for many times, and had never heard the person say, “Thanks.”

We all agreed that we don’t reach out to others with kindness, help, and generosity that they might receive a “thank you”, but it is sure nice to hear once in a while.  The Word of God says it is good to give thanks.  May we thank Him for His loving kindness in the gift of His Son.  Let us also be people of thankfulness, constantly thanking others with the words “Thank you” on our lips.

A good question we need to ask ourselves, “Is it easy for us to say thank you?”

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