Thursday, March 21, 2013

Global Diaspora Network (and Filipinos)

For several years I have served on the International Advisory Board of the Global Diaspora Network with an interest for evangelism, compassionate care, and discipleship to all peoples and with a special love and interest for Filipinos (Filipino International Network-FIN).

I am writing this on a flight from Seattle to Saskatoon, Canada to speak at a city- wide missions conference which will be attended by many Filipinos. Next weekend I will fly to Edmonton, Canada, to conduct an all day leadership seminar in a Filipino church and speak Easter Sunday.

The Philippines has a population of about 100 million with an estimate of 5-8% being evangelical leaving over 90 million without the gospel of salvation by grace through faith alone!

There is an estimated 500,000 Filipinos in Canada, 3,500,000 in the US, 1,160,000 in Saudi Arabia, and over 600,000 in the United Arab Emeritus.

Many of these diaspora Filipinos are believers actively sharing the gospel, and faithfully disciplining and planting churches.

Pray as some missions are actively recruiting evangelical Filipinos to serve internationally as well seeking to reach those without Christ with the gospel.

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