Monday, March 25, 2013

Casual and Sloppy or Casusal and Neat (sleeping with the dogs)?

There is nothing wrong with being casual, however, when one dresses sloppily it speaks volumes about lack of discipline, disrespect and lack of manners.

Christian should never dress in a sloppy way that causes a lack of proper respect for others and discipline in lifestyle.

On one occasion I arrived early to speak at a large church, and was finally met by the pastor who was extremely sloppy; grubby dirty jeans, winkled shirt, uncombed hair, unshaven face, needing a bath and wiping the sleep from his eyes. Jokingly I asked if he had a fight with his wife and she had made him sleep in the car with the dog all night? He answered with a smile admitting that he did look really bad.

As God's people let us dress in a way that will not bring disrepute to the name of Christ.

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