Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Would We Ever Do Without Our Friends?

Someone said, “What would we do without our friends?” Recently someone topped the branches from one of our trees and cleaned out the gutters of our house. He knew I had not been able to get to it, and it would be difficult for me because of my arthritis and medical problems.

Other friends phoned to see if Dad Jespersen was okay and if they could do anything to help care for him.

Another friend heard a conference speaker say that he had a lot of books for needy pastors. The books were free for the taking, so our friend asked for 2000 copies to be shipped to Zambia pastors and the organization gave another 1000 copies of the book for needy pastors in the Philippines. We received $21,000 worth of books because of the contact of a concerned friend.

Another acquaintance phoned me to tell me he was gathering reference books which were not being used for needy pastors from the church library.

A few days ago, someone dropped off a used sewing machine and other electrical items for a vocational training school in the Philippines.

We received a $20 gift from an older lady in a retirement home which she received for watching another lady’s cat. She wanted the money to be used for the sharing of the Gospel with needy children.

Another friend sent $10,000 for the ACTION Shalom Christian Birthing Home in the Philippines.  Other friends donated sheets, tooth paste, and books to minister to the poor.

As I have had surgery, friends mowed the lawn, brought meals, flowers, and balloons, helped care for Dad, and drove us to and from the hospital.

I could go on and on, but I will finish with these questions, “To whom can we be a friend today? To whom can we reach out? Whom can we help with a chore that needs doing?”

Yes, what would we ever do without our friends?

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