Thursday, May 3, 2012

Child Sponsorship (Compassion International – highly recommended!)

by Doug Nichols

ACTION is a mission committed to evangelism, discipleship, and development to street and underprivileged children through the local church in each of the 22 countries where we work. People ask us about various NGO’s and child sponsorship agencies worldwide. There are many very effective small evangelical child sponsorship ministries worldwide.  

The largest evangelical sponsorship ministry which we recommend is Compassion International, headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, USA []. 

 The reason we are highly in favor of Compassion is because it has a focus of the Gospel and all of the sponsorship programs (over 1 million sponsored children worldwide) are through “local” evangelical churches.

In the Philippines alone, Compassion sponsors over 60,000 needy children through local evangelical churches.  This helps insure that each child hears the Gospel and receives compassionate care from God’s people.

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