Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Spend $15,000,000

Money down the drain or used to benefit humanity.

Hollywood actor George Clooney recently (May 10) had a fund raising dinner ($40,000 per plate) at his home for his favorite presidential candidate raising $15 million.

People can spend their money the way they like; however, it is too bad that many who talk about concern for the poor seem to throw so much money away.  $15 million was raised for the presidential candidate at this one dinner.  What could George Clooney do with $15 million if he had another fund raising event for the world’s poor?

The following are just a few things:
1. Help care for 200,000 street children for one month ($15 each) in the Philippines = $3 million.

2. Shoes and three pieces of clothing for 300,000 orphans (of the 13 million) in Africa ($6 each) = $1.8 million.

3. Send 2300 older orphans for one year of college full tuition and expenses ($1000 each) in Africa or Asia = $2.3 million.

4. Provide life-saving vitamins for 600,000 orphans in Africa, Asia, and Latin America ($6 each) = $3.6 million.

5. Provide a wonderful “Christmas” (food, games, clothing, medicine) for 400,000 orphans and street children ($5 each) = $2 million.

6. Provide camps (food, clothing, medicine) for 100,000 orphans in Africa (only $8 each) = $800,000.

7. Help with one month of care for 50,000 orphans in loving homes in Africa, Asia, and Europe ($30 each) = $1.5 million.

Total = $15 million.

We may criticize Mr. Clooney for what he spends or raises money for, but what do we use our funds for?  We may not have $15 million, $15,000, $5000, or even $50, but what are we doing with the $15 we do have?  Are we using it to make a difference in the life of an orphan or street child?

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rajesh_praisegod said...

Dear sir

we have 140 orphans and we need some donors for supporting the basic needs of this children.

I am from india sir.