Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Rat Attack

My wife and I lived in an old house, built years ago by her father and volunteers. Recently, we have been hearing the scuffling of one to two rats. A friend of ours came over on New Year’s Eve to help us put out a couple of heavy-duty mouse traps. As he came in the house, he said he had “official permission” to do this from the judge.

He gave us a piece of paper that read as follows:

“This is a writ for a rat (or rats), as is the case. This authorizes the carrier to serve such writ, as deems necessary, by such carrier upon as many rats as possible. Thus terminating their ratly residence at the Nichols' residence, by sending said rats to ratly heaven. Duly sworn, notarized, and signed by Judge Asa Bodnar”

I do not know if we are going to catch any rats or not, but it was sure entertaining to watch this man dance around trying to set the traps that kept swinging shut!

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