Friday, January 30, 2009

Colombian Coffee and Texas Pecan Pie

My wife Margaret, her father, and I have been listening to a CD of messages on the book of Titus. There is much in Titus about living out the truth of God’s Word. Phrases are used such as “being ready for every good work.” The phrase “good deeds” is used six times in the book. We are especially challenged to “show perfect courtesy toward all people” (Titus 3:2, esv).

Last night I received a phone call from Nelson Reed, ACTION’s International Director, and Rex Carlaw, ACTION USA director and Latin America Coordinator. They had just arrived at the airport from a ten-day ministry trip to Nicaragua and Colombia. They wanted to make sure that we were at home because, even though it was evening and they were tired after a long trip, they wanted to drop off a gift.

These two men (with many responsibilities worldwide) still wanted to take the time to minister to others.

They had hand-carried a gift of some of the best coffee in the world (Colombian) and two pieces of fresh pecan pie from a restaurant in Texas, which they purchased as they traveled through.

Later that evening after the pie and coffee were delivered, I mentioned to Margaret how a small token of kindness to me blessed others. Yes, I was blessed and encouraged, but so were my wife and her father at the gracious kindness of these two wonderful leaders.

So, dear friend, perhaps you and I should buy a piece of pie and coffee for someone today to show appreciation and bless them in Christ.

Perhaps we could set aside 50¢ to purchase a meal for a street boy in Manila, 25¢ to provide food for a child in the garbage dump in Cambodia, $6 to send an orphan to camp in Malawi, or to prepare a box of homemade fudge for the man at the cleaners who has been rude. We could do this to show kindness which may result in an opportunity to present the glorious Gospel of salvation in Christ and in Him alone!

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