Thursday, January 15, 2009

Christmas Programs in Jesus' Name

Pastor, just a reminder that as you plan your Christmas programs for this year, 2009, that you remember the Lord Jesus Christ.

I would encourage you to not have secular plays, dramas, and skits, but simple portrayals of the Christmas story from the Word of God. You cannot improve on it (the majesty, glory, all-inspiring awe, music that moves the emotion and teaches the majesty of the glory of God in giving of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ)!

My wife and I attended a Christmas program where a secular musical was given. It had a Christmas theme, but did not speak of Christ at all. There was no mention of the giving of God’s Son, the Lord Jesus’ simple birth in a manger, waited on by shepherds or the angels. None of this was mentioned. It was a well-done program, but nothing of Christ and the Gospel in and through the simple Christmas story.

The world can offer all that are in its malls, shop windows, advertisements, Jingle Bell songs, but the church can use this time of the year to teach of Christ who came to earth to take our place for sin’s penalty to bring us into relationship with God. Now that it is Christmas!

Further insight: [Is the Grinch stealing your Christmas? By Elizabeth Greene]

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