Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Stories

Greetings this New Year. I trust you are looking forward to a year of serving our Lord Jesus with the gospel and compassionate care for His glory.

Request. Would you mind sending me personal stories or stories that you have heard that are true of specific ministries in Jesus’ name to others during the Christmas season?

For example: friends of ours, Ron and Laurie, who are on a limited income, became friends over the year with the residents of a retirement home. Over the last several months, Ron and Laurie have saved funds and began to purchase gift items for the 105 residents of the retirement home. They purchased items such as socks, gloves, and scarves.

Ron (a Gulf War veteran) has limited use of his hands and personally wrapped all 105 gifts, which were distributed to the residents during Christmas.

This is a powerful witness of God’s grace and love to these residents through Ron and Laurie. What a tremendous opportunity of sharing the Gospel at this time.

Would you mind sending me one or two stories that you, or some you know, were personally involved in. I would like to compile these to share with others next year, especially as an example of ministry to the glory of God.

You can send these to me through e-mail or regular mailing.

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