Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seeing Beyond the Horizon

A missionary couple from Europe with three children were working in Bible translation ministry in Irian Jaya. Two of the children were studying in Europe and the third, their twelve-year-old daughter, was living with them. Their young girl became sick and died. As the father was burying his little daughter, an elder of the tribe said “Now I suppose you will be leaving for your home in Europe to comfort your other children?” “No,” the missionary said, “God can and does take care of them.” The tribe leader said, “I don’t understand you missionaries, it seems as if you can see beyond the horizon.” The missionary then realized that he now had the translation of the word hope. Hope is being able to see beyond the horizon.

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apostle said...

I have served in Men's rehabilitation ministry for twenty years.

This new year, I made a commitment to God that I would expand our ministry to a radio broadcast.

Not many days after, the Doctor told me that I have Cancer.

God allowed me to see "beyond the horizon".

With that I am comforted.

Thank you for your post.