Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Airline Adventures with a Smile!

When, I was on a flight from Miami to Seattle via Houston. The last one to board the flight was a woman who rushed aboard and sat next to me, still breathing hard from rushing to catch the plane. She was dressed and looked like a rock star. She had so many tattoos I did not know what ethnic background she had. She had so many rings, watches, bracelets, jewelry and piercings of her nose, lips and cheeks that the plane leaned to one side. When the plane took off she became very ill and passed out, so as I tried to help her, I called for the flight attendants and two came to help. Upon seeing the woman, we said, "Oh, her again."  The others said, she was probably having a drug seizure. I said, “What do we do?” One attendant said, “I know, let’s do something unique, let’s throw her off plane!” I asked, “Can we do that?’ and the other said, “Well we can certainly try!” A doctor on the flight then came up and asked if he could help. Later I asked him how he knew we needed help. He looked at me and smiled saying, “Well, it was quite obvious you didn’t know what you were doing!”

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