Friday, July 11, 2008

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you and your team planned a camp for 75 underprivileged street children of Manila but 280 boys ages 10 to 18 showed up? Would you send them home? If so, which ones?

What would you do if you planned a Christmas jail party for 10 prisoners who had trusted Christ the previous year and you became aware that there would be about 220 other prisoners listening in and watching from their near-by jail cells? Would you invite them also?

What would you do if you published a Gospel ad in a secular magazine with funds to handle follow up for 100 people but you received 3000 letters? The letters not only requested more information about the Word of God, but many asked for someone to meet with them for a Bible study in their home?

What would you do if you and a team were conducting a midnight ministry at two in the morning for 150 children and a little child prostitute 9 years of age came to faith in Christ? Would you let her remain with the lady she was living with in the park, the lady who was selling her to men?

What would you do if a man was dying of heart trouble in a small village in the central part of the Philippines, and the only way to save his life was to fly him to Manila as soon as possible? You could not get him to a main airport which was 3 hours away. The only way to get him out was to fly him from a small landing strip nearby but this would involve leasing a private plane at a cost of $4000, money which you did not have? What would you do?

Hard decisions? Let me mention a few more:

What would you do if one of your follow-up workers visiting a small boy who had trusted Christ the week before in a camp became aware that the boy had no food in his house and had not eaten since the camp? His sister had died the previous week of tuberculosis, his father had just abandoned the family, his mother had TB, and they had no money for medicine. Would you close your Bible (as the follow-up worker did) and take the family to buy some food and medicine, feed them and then have the Bible study? I hope you would, but what would you do if you found out the follow-up worker had used all of his own personal money and the organization had no money to repay him?

What would you do if you were already swamped with nearly 8000 people who trusted Christ during the year and yet more people were crying out for follow-up, for Bible studies, for counsel, for help?

These are just some of the situations we are faced with almost daily! Some may not be as dramatic as these, but many are. What would you do?

It is very easy for people to say, “Well, all you have to do is say 'No.' " We would like to challenge these people to come to the Philippines (or India or Uganda or Mexico or Colombia), join the team, and be in a position to say “No." ACTION needs missionaries!

We would like to encourage many to participate with ACTION and other missions in dealing with problems like these. Especially for additional missionaries to reach out to others in the name of Christ , to ask Him to give wisdom in dealing with situations like these, and encourage men and women to trust Him as Savior.

The need is overwhelming and the opportunities are staggering. What can we do?…All we can!

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