Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dr. James Boice

Years ago, before computers, one of my six assistants in Manila sent a carbon copy of a letter that I had previously sent to James Boice with a note attached asking if he had received it. We did this on a regular basis because much mail in the 70s was lost or stolen so we never knew if a letter got through or not.

My assistant came in the office one day and said, with tears in her eyes, “Mr. Nichols, who is Dr. James Boice?” I said, “Why do you ask?” She said, “Well sir, he wrote me a wonderful letter.”

It was a letter that said something like “Miss Carmen, I am sorry I have not responded to the letter but I did not get the first copy. I went to my three offices looking for it and asked my staff to look for it, but none of us could find it. I want to apologize for any inconvenience I have caused you in your work and ministry, etc.”

She said, “Sir, Dr. Boice must be a wonderful, godly, humble man.”

That is the type of man that Dr. Boice was. That is the kind of person I want to be.

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