Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thanks, Mister, for Talking to Me

I try to walk at least one or two miles daily. One afternoon, on my daily one-mile walk, I was reading printed-out copies of my email. A little nine-year-old boy getting out of school walked up behind me and said, “There you are again. We talk about you at school all the time. This old man that walks down the street reading. What are you reading?”

Surprised, I simply answered “Oh, I’m reading some letters from the people I work with in other countries who work with street kids.” He then asked, “What’s a street kid?” I said, “A street kid is an orphan.” He replied, “What’s an orphan?”

This really surprised me because here was a boy of at least 9, not knowing what an orphan was. I answered, “You know, that’s a good question. I am a Christian and God has given Christians a book called the Bible to show us how to know Him and live for Him. God says in His book that an orphan is a fatherless child.”

The boy was quiet for a moment as we walked along. He said, “Oh, I guess most of my friends are orphans because they don’t have fathers.” A few moments later he said, “I guess I am an orphan too because I don’t have a father.”

I said, “I know a Father who cares for you.” He said, “What Father?” I replied, “God, the Heavenly Father.” I then began to share with him the glorious Gospel of Christ.

After a few minutes, he had to turn into his house and as he walked away he waved and said, “Thanks, mister, for talking to me.”

Two or three days later I had almost the same conversation with a 13-year-old girl. As I was walking and reading, she got off the bus just as I passed the bus stop, and walking behind me said, “Hey mister. There you are again reading. What are you reading?”

As I began to explain, she suddenly said, “Do you have a cigarette?” I said, “No, I don’t. Do your parents know you smoke?” I expected her to say, “My parents don’t care what I do,” but instead she said, “My parents don’t care about me.”

At that I said, “I’m sorry, but I know a parent that cares about you.” She said, “What parent cares about me?” I replied, “God, the Heavenly Father, cares about you.” She said, “Really?” and I began to share the Gospel with her.

The same thing happened as with the little boy. As she came to her house and turned to leave, she said, “Thanks, mister, for talking to me.”

So, dear friends, whether you are out walking, reading, or whatever, even if you’re an old man or an old woman, God will bring opportunities to share the glorious gospel of Christ. Perhaps someone will say to you today, “Thank you for talking to me.”