Saturday, December 20, 2014

33 Years Remaining Faithful

This morning Nick Valdomar, a worker at New Tribes Guesthome in Manila told Margaret and me that it was 33 years ago this week that he graduated in the second class of boys at the Second Mile Discipleship and Vocational Center, a ministry began two years before.

Second Mike was built by volunteers and directed by Forest Holden, with the underprivileged and street boys discipled by Pastor Loreto Tarlit. 

After graduation, Nick traveled with missionary Forest Holden to a southern island to help build a hospital for our missionaries working with the Ati Tribe. 

Nike has worked with various ministries in skilled carpentry over the years supporting his growing family and now with several grandchildren.

He has worked with New Tribes Mission for several years now building furniture for the new five story guesthouse and maintaining the facilities of several buildings.

We hear often from New Tribes missionaries, "What would we ever do without Nick?"

Nick comes to work early each morning, and as he knows I really enjoy pandesal (special Philippine bread) with my coffee, he brings me this special bread as I read in the quite lobby at 6am in my morning time in the Word.

Margaret and I have tried to serve Nick and many others here over the years in the Philippines, but they always outdo us!

Praise the Lord for the ministry of missionary Forest Holden and Pastor Loreto Tarlit in investing in the lives of street boys at Second Mike, who have become engineers, Bible school professors, pastors, builders, and in the life of Nike, who 33 years ago was one of the many young boys of Manila with no hope, but Christ!

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