Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I Dare You

by Dave Egner

There is a story about a small church that was having a reunion. A former member who attended the celebration had become a millionaire. When he testified about how God had blessed him over the years, he related an incident from his childhood.

He said that when he earned his first dollar as a boy, he decided to keep it for the rest of his life. But then a guest missionary preached about the urgent need on the mission field. He struggled about giving his dollar. “The Lord won, however,” the man said. Then, with a sense of pride he added, “I put my treasured dollar in the offering basket. And I am convinced that the reason God has blessed me so much is that when I was a little boy I gave Him everything I possessed.” The congregation was awestruck by the testimony – until a little old lady in front piped up, “I dare you to do it again!”

There’s a vital truth behind that story: Past attainments are not a measure of present spiritual maturity. Psalm 119:44 says, “So shall I keep Your law continually.” The psalmist knew he needed to keep his commitment fresh every day.

As Christians, we cannot rest on past victories. We must give the Lord our full devotion now. Then no one will need to challenge us, “I dare you to do it again!”  

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