Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do Christian "Big Shots" Take Suggestions? Some Do, But Many Do Not.

Recently I received a letter, not an email, but a letter which filled the page. It was not a form letter, but personally written by the Chief MD and Executive Officer of a major hospital.

He wrote in response to a simple suggestion I made regarding caring for older and needy patients who arrive at the hospital outside.

The Chief Doctor explained the six new steps the hospital leaders and staff were now taking to improve their services.

Needless to say, I was shocked at the gracious response and quick action taken for improvements in the hospital’s already excellent service.

Do we respond that way in our churches, ministries, missions and leadership? So often leaders and church leaders react negatively instead of graciously and humbly, especially to improvements that need to be made in ministry and church outreach and the care of people!

The Bible says we are not to follow people who are, "...given to change," but be Christ’s followers who have a desire to excel in all things and improve in our leadership and ministry to the glory of God.

It may be, however, that many of us do not want to improve as that takes work. We are content to remain the same, and, therefore, the ministry crumbles slowly but surely. Why? Because we are not humble enough to receive suggestions for improvement and advancement for the sake of the Gospel and Christ.

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