Monday, February 9, 2015

Wally (unknown saint) and the Orphans of the Philippines

Recently my wife Margaret and I were speaking in a missions conference in a small community outside of Portland, Oregon. The first meeting included a potluck supper before I spoke. During the meal together several began to tell us of a recent memorial of a very godly, older Christian man in the area who had a real love for the Philippine people. His name was Wally. At the memorial service several spoke of Wally's life: how he never married, had a good job at the post office, but lived on very little to send most of his money to ministry in the Philippines. In fact, he lived in a small one-room trailer in the back of relatives, and the only electricity he had was a cord that ran from his trailer to the main house so he could have a little heat in the cold, snowy Oregon winter. In the summer he even slept in a cave to keep cool! With his modest salary, this one man, Wally, was able to assist a poor ministry and church in the Philippines and THE COMPLETE SUPPORT OF 100 ORPHANS! The orphans probably never knew Wally's name, but God does. Hebrews 11 uses the phrase of people like Wally, ...of whom the world was not worthy..., but Wally possible would have smiled and said he was simply trying to obey what the Bible says in James 1:27, Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of God our Father is to CARE FOR ORPHANS...

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