Thursday, February 26, 2015

Oh My, What a Mess We Are In!

We shake our heads at some of the ignorant, way-out, and, yes, foolish decisions and practices our governments are making and doing worldwide. Decisions are made to push a certain political agenda rather than what is good for the country and people.

In the book of Romans (in the Bible) we see that this is only natural as, "their minds are darkened." So what do we expect? ISIS is running wild while we have demonstrations for gay rights.

In reading the Bible, God's Word, in the book of Leviticus, we also see that God judged His people for their sins, as well as people of other nations who were not His people. In the Old Testament He especially emphasized three sins in which He displayed His wrath; idolatry, sacrifice of children, and homosexuality. However, we are seeing today that these are even accepted in the church. Perhaps this is why the US is especially suffering the effects for poor leadership because we have now pushed sinful homosexuality to a special class, murdered our children by the millions through abortion, and built idols of politics, materialism, sports, and a thousand other things in place of worshiping the Holy God, through Jesus Christ, the savior of all mankind!

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