Thursday, January 22, 2015

In Prison, and You Came to Me (Matt 25:26).

Had great fellowship recently over early breakfast with missionary friend who (with his wife) is one of the very few (such as Christian Growth Ministries) working among the 25,000 prisoners prisoners of Muntinlupa. Of the 14,000 in maximum prisoners several thousand have professed Christ as Savior and are in one of the 16 or so churches inside this prison city.

The urgent request is for many additional missionaries and local Christian workers to work with prisoners and with their extremely suffering families on the outside. There is a need for those to work inside the prison in regular visits of discipleship and follow up halfway training homes upon leaving prison.

This is a great opportunity for the Gospel and compassionate care! It will be hot, risky, demanding, difficult, and expensive but, oh, so rewarding!

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