Thursday, January 8, 2015

Can Street Boys Say Thank You?

Recently we attended the Christmas party at the New Beginnings Camp of Grow International-Philippines for about 20 boys whom GROW works with in Metro Manila. More were to attend, but were rounded up by the police the night before and were in detention.

The boys were wonderfully cared for, and were led in such fun games. When it came time to eat the delicious huge home-cooked Filipino meal, they were surprising well-mannered for street kids, who usually have to fight for scraps of any food at all.

As they came through the line for their food, I did need to work with some to keep them in line and to remind them to say, "Thank you" to those serving them. They did this well and even came to me later to say "Thank you, sir."

Please pray for many additional missionaries and Christian workers to take the gospel and compassionate care to the estimated 100,000 street children of Metro Manila. If there were one missionary/worker for every 500 street children, there would be the need for 500 missionary/workers now!

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