Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ten Things I Would Do If I Were President!

by Pastor Perry Noble

This article is for entertainment purposes only. I am not running for president, nor am I considering it. But, if I did…

#1 – I would lead, not bow down to the idol of political correctness. The problem in Washington (not just with the President…but with BOTH parties) is that no one is willing to actually say what the problems are OR deal with them because doing so would require facts to be dealt with rather than swept under the rug. 
#2 – I would tell the nations across the world that are currently detaining Americans and being very public about it that they have 24 hours to release our citizens…or we’re coming to get them! (For example, Mexico, North Korea and Iran!) 
#3 – I would not delay one more second in dealing with immigration reform. People who want to come to the US must be treated with compassion and understanding, but there also has to be a legal process than must be declared and enforced. 
#4 – I would cut the corporate tax rate to 25% across the board, encouraging businesses to stop leaving the United States and actually bring jobs to our country. 
#5 – I would drill for oil on the land we own and not allow special interest groups to dictate the decisions to do so. If we have the resources to take care of/provide for our country (and others as well)…we are insane not to use them!   
#6 – I would call ISIS a terrorist group, declare war on them and do whatever it takes to take care of the problem. 
#7 – I would reform welfare (the system is necessary—but it is also JACKED UP!) The solution for the country is not more government handouts…but creating more jobs. 
#8 – I would cease to provide ANY funding at all to nations that have any ties to supporting terrorism. 
#9 – I would impose a tax system that would be fair to everyone, a percentage based system (whether it be 5 or 10%) that would mean all people are contributing. 
#10 – I would impose a 32-team college football playoff system so we could have a true national champion every year!!! 
By the way…I STILL believe the GOSPEL is the hope of the world. JESUS CHRIST changing hearts is the ONLY WAY the world can become a better place…and I LOVE being a pastor, not the President!

Disclaimer:  These are not the political opinions of New Spring Church, nor am I speaking for every staff member of our church. It’s simply a fun post that I decided to write. I know that some people say pastors should not have political opinions…but I have noticed that they only say that when the pastor's political opinions do not line up with their own!) 

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