Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not Just A Soup Kitchen

Not Just A Soup Kitchen is an excellent "how to" book on local church mercy ministries, and was a pleasure to read on recent flight from Seattle to Atlanta. Written by David Apple, the director of the ACTS Ministry of Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia, and published by CLC Publications. The book also gives excellent guidelines for the role of the deacon in a local church in mercy ministries. One chapter gives the excellent history of the biblical role of the deacon which was fully developed by the reformer John Calvin (what a tremendous encouraging historical example!). Was disappointed in the use of quotes by Catholic Henry Nouwen, however the guidelines for mercy ministries is still exceptional and will be useful in all evangelical churches. Wonderful illustrations of working with the needy. Great book. To God be the glory!

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David S. Apple said...

Doug--Thank you for this post. How did you discover the book? Blessings.