Thursday, September 27, 2012

Leaders are not pulled from the air

Leaders are developed from people. Unless you have people, you cannot develop leaders. This is especially true of missions. There is concern over the lack of leadership in missions, and yet missions need to recruit additional missionaries to have men to train for leadership.

For example, I am praying with a mission of 265 missionaries for additional missionaries. There is a lack of missionaries to train as leaders. There are 171 mission opportunities listed by the mission. If each of the 265 missionaries would simply pray for and recruit one missionary over the next two years, this would be 265 additional missionaries. If they prayed for and recruited two additional missionaries to work with them or another needed ministry of the mission, this would be 530 additional missionaries! This would, therefore, allow more to be mentored and trained in servant leadership.

So, rather than moaning over lack of leadership, perhaps we should concentrate on recruiting for the Great Commission, out of which new missionaries would be trained for all aspects of ministry in evangelism, discipleship, development and leadership to the glory of God!

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