Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Contagion, a film to see

Recently my wife and I were doing several last minute chores before leaving for the airport to pick up new workers. As we worked, we were able to see part of a film made in 2011 “Contagion.”  It has several big-named stars and is a disaster thriller about a team of doctors tasked with controlling and finding a vaccine for a deadly outbreak of an infectious disease which killed over 21 million people by the end of the film. 
We were especially impressed with the main star who was a doctor who gave his vaccine to a simple janitor; the doctor was black and the janitor was white who lived in a poorer section of town.  

Another scene was of another doctor dying of the disease and who gave her coat (just before she died) to a dying man shivering from the cold in the cot next to her.

There is another doctor from England who had a concern for a poor village in China and sacrificed her life to serve them. There is also a man in Minneapolis whose wife and son had already died from the disease, but was able to care for his 12-year-old daughter, as well as others in the neighborhood.

It is film well-worth seeing by Christians for examples of compassionate care and putting others first.

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