Friday, August 24, 2012

Answering is Simply Common Courtesy

Have you noticed the rudeness of people these days?  You say “Hello” to people and they don‘t even acknowledge;  they just kind of grunt and move on.

I am a missionary working with needy pastors worldwide and one of our ministries is receiving permission to print evangelical theology books to help pastors and Christian workers in their study, preaching and teaching the Word of God.  When I write many publishers and authors to ask and obtain permission to reprint their books, I probably received an answer only 10% of the time.  We write pastors throughout the United States, UK, Canada, and other countries asking if their church would sponsor a pastors conference for needy pastors in the Philippines, India, or Africa and send them to be main speaker.  Again, most never answer.

However, I recently received a very gracious letter (not an email) from Pastor Charles Swindoll of Insight for Living and pastor of a church in Texas.  He very graciously explained why he could not travel to the Philippines at this time and after a few other remarks, he apologized.  He sent a very encouraging letter. 

The question is , “Why can’t others do the same and be like Swindoll practicing the gracious art of Christ-like communication to the glory of God?”

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