Thursday, October 29, 2009

2002 World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Anaheim Angels

On Thursday, October 24, 2002, World Series Game 5, the San Francisco Giants played the Anaheim Angels and won 

In the seventh inning, as the Giants’ J.T. Snow was crossing home plate, the Giants’ manager’s 3 year old son, Darren Baker, a mascot batboy, ran too soon to pick up a bat near home plate. As Snow crossed home plate, he saw Darren, and immediately grabbed and picked him up out of harm’s way out of the path of oncoming base runner David Bell, who was coming in fast to score. 

It was amazing how J.T. Snow reacted so quickly to an incident that was totally unexpected, and rescued a small boy in danger in the middle of a World Series baseball game! 

What a great example for those of us who are Christians! As we go through our daily active lives, comfortable, in the middle of our activities, may we be prepared to stop and immediately minister to the needy, even though it may disrupt our schedules, our pleasure and even though it might be extremely inconvenient.

There are 13 million AIDS orphans in Africa. There are 100 million street children and 150 million orphans in the world with no parents. There are 15,000 prostituted children in Manila, ages 9 to 12 years. So, even though we may be in the middle of the game of life, let’s stop to consider and get involved in the game of eternity and minister to the needy for the gospel and glory of God!

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