Thursday, February 12, 2009

Those Who Have "Cut the Coal"

During World War II, Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of England, was taken to the coal mines to speak to the miners. Understandably, they were in awe that he was even there, yet they too needed motivation to press on and to receive appreciation in a much-needed behind-the-scenes task. This man of great rhetoric spoke to these black-ashened face miners: "We will be victorious! We will preserve our freedom. And years from now when our freedom is secure and peace reigns, your children and your children's children will come and they will say to you, 'What did you do to win our freedom in that great war?' And one will say, 'I marched with the 8th Army!' Someone else will proudly say, 'I guided the ships that moved the troops and supplies.' And still another will say, 'I doctored the wounds.' They will come to you," he shouted, "and you will say, with equal rights and pride, 'I cut the coal! I cut the coal that fueled the ships that moved the supplies! That's what I did. I cut the coal.' "

We are thankful to you who have "cut the coal" with us in the ministry of the gospel to the needy and poor masses of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Thank you for "cutting the coal" with your prayers, for "cutting the coal" with your letters, for "cutting the coal" with your friendship, for "cutting the coal" with your support, and for giving your sons and daughters, parents and friends to serve the Lord. You, like the coal miners of the United Kingdom, are appreciated for your partnership in the great task of world evangelism, discipleship, and development for the gospel and the glory of God!

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