Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do you speak Swahili?

Recently I spoke to a Swahili congregation in the Seattle area. It was very interesting to meet refugees from the African countries of Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries. Their common language is Swahili.

It was sad to hear of the difficulties these brothers and sisters face in the United States not knowing how to shop, what to wear, how to drive, how to speak English, and so forth. They are embarrassed and made fun of almost daily in their simple activities. One thing that made the difference in helping some to adjust to another culture was someone simply being kind to them coming alongside to help them in their adjustment time.

When we are out and about in our daily activities, it is very easy and simple to say “How are you? Where are you from? May I help you?” This makes a very big difference to these people! So, be kind and considerate to those from other countries. Be helpful! Who knows, it may open the door to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to invite others into your fellowship and church. Perhaps God would bring them to Himself through the Gospel of Jesus Christ and become members in your fellowship to the glory of God!

So, you and I may not speak Swahili but we can speak a word of kindness for the sake of Christ.

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